Toyota Community Concerts

Main Point

Since 1981, Toyota Motor Corporation and its Japanese sales companies, together with the Federation of Japan Amateur Orchestras Corp., have endeavored to contribute to the promotion of local culture through music by sponsoring concerts by amateur orchestras in various communities.

There are three different types of concerts, and there are plans to hold 41 concerts in 21 prefectures in the fiscal year 2018.

Challenge Concerts

Reflecting the challenging needs of their communities, these concerts give amateur orchestras the opportunity to push their limits and perform challenging pieces. Participating orchestras will be able to perform in large urban concert halls with professional conductors and soloists.

Visiting Concerts

Musicians will travel to places where residents have few opportunities to hear live music, and perform at such locations as gymnasiums, hospitals and other public facilities.

Invitation Concerts

Seats are set aside for youth, the elderly, as well as for people with physical disabilities.

The concerts can be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone from serious fans of classical music and the elderly to children and those unfamiliar with classical music.

Challenge Concerts

<Challenge Concerts>
February 2017 in Matsue, Shimane prefecture

Visiting Concerts

<Visiting Concerts>
August 2017 in Toyohashi-shi, Aichi prefecture
Performance with local children