Toyota Youth Orchestra Camp

Main Point

The Toyota Youth Orchestra Camp is a program designed to cultivate future leaders in various regions around the country through music. The program has been conducted since 1985 in collaboration with the Federation of Japan Amateur Orchestras Corp.

The camp is a four-day study program for approximately 150 young musicians from amateur orchestras around the country. Leading professional musicians are invited to serve as instructors and to lead performances.

The camp is organized in two-year units and at the end of the second year, the participants gather as the Japan Youth Symphony Orchestra and hold special performances for the general public.

To date, more than 5,900 people have participated in the camp. Under the motto "working under our own steam," participants not only acquire performance skills through their experiences at the camp, but also learn the satisfaction of achieving goals through cooperation.

In addition, Toyota also holds special training programs for specific instruments for local youth to support the expansion of youth music activities in the regions where the programs are held.

Toyota Youth Orchestra Camp

Expansion of youth music activities