Social Contribution Activities


History of Toyota's Social Contribution Activities in Japan

1925 Sakichi Toyoda donates one million yen (at 1925 value) to the Imperial Institute of Invention and Innovation
1933 Toyoda Automatic Loom Works establishes its Automobile Division by Kiichiro Toyoda
1935 Five Main Principles of Toyoda established
1937 Toyota Motor Co., Ltd established
1950 Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. established
1969 Toyota Traffic Safety Campaign started
Toyota Summer School started
1974 Toyota Kuragaike Commemorative Hall opened
Toyota Foundation established
1976 Fureai Green Campaign started
1977 Toyota Kaikan Exhibition Hall opened
1981 Toyota Technological Institute opened (a graduate school is established in 1984, and a Chicago campus opens in 2003)
Toyota Community Concerts commenced
1982 Toyota Motor and Toyota Motor Sales merged to form Toyota Motor Corporation
1985 Toyota Youth Orchestra Camp opened
1987 Toyota Young Drivers Clinic (the present Toyota Driver Communication) opened
Toyota Memorial Hospital opened
Toyota Conference started
1989 Toyota Automobile Museum opened
Corporate Citizenship Activity Committee established
1990 Amlux Tokyo opened
Toyota After 5 Concert begins (through 2013)
1992 Plans for Forest of Toyota developed
1993 Toyota Volunteer Center established
1994 Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology opened
1995 Basic Principles and Policies of Social Contribution Activities established
1996 'Scientific Jack-in-the-Box! The Why/What Lecture' commenced
Toyota Art Management Seminar commenced (through 2004)
Toyota Able Art Forum commenced (through 2004)
1997 Toyota Master Players orchestra concert series commenced
1998 Toyota Eco-no Mori Seminar commenced (through 2005)
1999 Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program commenced
Toyota Collection donated to the National Museum of Nature and Science
Automobile technical training course for Brazilians residing in Japan opened
2000 Toyota Child Safety Communication commenced
2001 Toyota Choreography Award commenced
2003 Toyota Children Meet Artists program commenced
2004 NetTAM arts website opened
2005 Toyota Shirakawa-Go Eco-Institute opened
Toyota Safety Education Center 'mobilitas' opened
Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology opens the Toyota Collection Exhibit (subsequently held irregularly)
Principles and Policies of Social Contribution established
2006 Corporate Citizenship Division established
2007 CSR Committee (Corporate Citizenship Activity Subcommittee) established
2008 Forest Improvement volunteer activities begin
Toyota Automobile Museum holds the Classic Car Fest in Jingugaien
2009 Toyomori Institute for Sustainable Living opened
2011 The Table for Two program intoroduced
2014 Toyota Mobility Foundation etablished
2015 Dream Class for the MIRAI (Future) in Toyota City started
Toyota Female Engineer Development Foundation established