Furniture Safety Activities

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC)

Reducing damage in houses of people requiring assistance or support during disasters

It has been reported that collapsing houses and toppling furniture caused approximately 80% of the casualties of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. In order to learn from this lesson in Aichi Prefecture, where another Tokai earthquake could strike, the Furniture Safety Club was established in May 2003. In this group, volunteers collaborate with social workers to visit the houses of elderly people, where they install braces on large pieces of furniture to prevent them from toppling in the event of an earthquake and apply shatter-prevention film on glass. The activity targets people living in Toyota City who would require assistance or support during disasters (people aged 65 or over or those living alone with disabilities).
The program also utilizes wood thinned by the forest maintenance group, Toyota Forest Keepers, for some of the braces used to secure furniture.

Securing a cupboard to the wallSecuring a cupboard to the wall

Applying shatter-prevention film to glassApplying shatter-prevention film to glass

A recipient and volunteersA recipient and volunteers