Tree-Planting Volunteers in Overseas

Joint efforts by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and local affiliates

Volunteer tree-planting by employees

Preventing the Desertification in China (2006 - 2010)

From 2001 to 2010, TMC worked together with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other organizations to carry out the joint Sino-Japanese project, 21st Century Greater Beijing Reforestation Model, in Hebei Province. As part of this project, employee volunteers from Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd.(TMCI)and from TMC in Japan planted trees. Thus far, a cumulative total of more than 600 volunteers have participated in this volunteer activity. Some of the participants have said, "We saw desertification first-hand. By participating in tree-planting activities, we were able to do our part to help prevent desertification. It was a great experience."

In 2011, a new project was started by TMCI including volunteer tree-planting.

Rainforest Restoration Initiatives in Philippines (2010 - )

TMC has been carrying out another afforestation project in the town of PeƱablanca in Cagayan Province in the northern part of Luzon Island in the Philippines. Since 2010, TMC employees have been going on volunteer tours to the area, planting trees in cooperation with Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP). In 2011, 12 volunteers composed of employees and their family members participated, resulting in a total of 2,065 trees planted on 2,563 ha (6,333 acres) of land.
The volunteers also participated in various programs to learn about the social issues facing the people of the Philippines. For example, participants visited local elementary schools that TMP is supporting, socialized with the local people, and observed the support being provided by NGOs to street children in Manila.

Chinese and Japanese volunteers

Chinese and Japanese

Planting trees in China

Planting trees in China

Japanese and Filipino members

Japanese and Filipino

Planting trees in the Philippines

Planting trees in the