Fundamental Approach

Toyota's philosophy for its employees, who are supporting the stable base of business, is institutionalized as The Toyota Way in Human Resources Management.
The aim of the Toyota Way in Human Resources Management is to realize management with respect for people, that is, providing all employees with opportunities to achieve social contribution and self realization through their work, and enabling them to exercise their abilities to think, to be creative and to perform. For this aim to be achieved, “a relationship of mutual trust and mutual responsibility between labor and management*” is essential, in which the company gives the highest priority to ensure stable employment and strives to improve labor conditions, while all employees execute their duties and responsibilities for the prosperity of the company. This philosophy is shared by all Toyota affiliates around the world. Based on the features of each region, it is reflected and implemented in management and various policies. Toyota believes that these initiatives will not only lead to the management with respect for people, but also to customer satisfaction and social contribution, and thus the sustainable growth of the company and society.

Safety and Health

Fundamental Approach

Ensuring safety and health of employee is one of Toyota’s most important business activities from the past and the future. Upon assuming the position of General Safety and Health Supervisor in 1957, then Senior Managing Officer Eiji Toyoda explained his basic stance on safety and health: “Safe work is the ‘gate’ to all work. Let us pass through this gate.” Toyota has handed these words down as the basic philosophy for safety and health, incorporating the strong desire for employees to never be involved in an occupational accident.
This is why we are using the PDCA* cycle to improve priority policies implemented under the leadership of company-wide safety and health managers as part of our overall health and safety activities.

Basic Philosophy for Safety and Health

For health promotion, we discuss the results of our activities done in accordance with our policies with the Toyota Motor Health Insurance Society, labor unions and industrial health personnel (human resources, safety & health) to take health support measures. In September 2017, President Akio Toyoda announced the Declaration of Health Commitment: Aiming at Health First Company. This Declaration states that the physical and mental health of our employees is the “driving force for good performance,” and so Toyota actively supports the “challenge to improve your lifestyle” for each employee and works on initiatives for “health promotion & illness prevention activity.”

For these issues of safety and health, the Safety & Health Environment Subcommittee chaired by executive vice president (once a year) and the Discussion Group chaired by the general manager of the Safety & Health Promotion Division hold meetings to work on issue-solving through company-union cooperation.

Declaration of Health Commitment

Human Resource Development

Toyota is committed to developing human resources with the philosophy that “Monozukuri is about Developing People.” For sustainable growth, we need to make improvements each day.
In order to realize “Ever-better Cars” and “Customer First,” all employees need to share the same values regardless of different cultures and customs. To ensure this, Toyota develops global OJT based on the Toyota Way for sustainable growth.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is one of the key bases of management and Toyota is working to create an attractive workplace where employees with various skills and values can achieve self-realization.
Our new intranet site, Diversity Net was launched in June, 2018. It provides information to foster a diversified culture within the company. We believe that the new ideas created and the identification of new issues from these diverse perspectives will lead to even greater competitiveness.

Action Plan for Promoting Women's Participation in the Workplace

Toyota has positioned the promotion of diversity in the workplace as an important management strategy and is undertaking measures to enable a diverse workforce to work with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. With regard to promoting women's participation in the workplace, Toyota takes measures to support a work-life balance such as developing work environments that enable women to continue working with confidence while performing childcare or nursing care for a family member.

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Creating Attractive Workplaces

In order to strengthen its human resource base for sustainable growth, Toyota has a working environment in which employees can work with confidence and feel safe. Toyota strives to foster employees’ pride and loyalty to the company by encouraging a culture of teamwork through communication.