Creating an Affluent Society

Fundamental Approach

To help realize a mobility society of the future and affluent lifestyles, Toyota is working on a wide variety of initiatives beyond just automotive manufacturing, including building environmentally-friendly communities where people connect more freely, developing life-supporting robotics and sponsoring sport events such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. Through collaboration with governments, local communities, other corporations and the academics, Toyota is committed to realizing a sustainable society for the greater happiness of all.

Future Mobility Society

Toyota aims to create a safe and exciting society where people can move freely by connecting vehicles, people, and communities.

Partner Robots

Toyota is responding to social needs by developing human-assisting partner robots that co-exist with people and support their lives.
Toyota is working towards the practical use of partner robots pursuant to a vision based on a concept of “MOBILITY FOR ALL (with the joy of self-reliance)” with four fields of support: senior life, medical (healthcare), personal life (independence), and welfare(nursing care). By providing robots that support the self-reliance of elderly or disabled persons as well as by reducing the burdens on their caregivers, we can respond to the needs of future society with a low birth rate and an aging population. Toyota is contributing to the development of a sustainable society and the realization of comfortable lifestyles for all people.

Agriculture and Biotechnology Business

To contribute to solving global problems such as global warming, energy issues and food shortages, Toyota believes in the need for new businesses that contribute to the environment, in addition to the automotive business. Therefore, we are establishing a structure to carry out R&D in a variety of fields and start new businesses.

Assisted Mobility Vehicles

As Japan enters into a period of a super-aging society, government policy is shifting towards home-based medical treatment and nursing care. As a result, there is growing need for assisted mobility that is easy to use at home. Toyota named its assisted mobility vehicles Welcab with the hope of contributing to the happy lives of customers. Our goal is to make vehicles that are comfortable and safe as well as simple and easy-to-use, and that gives people with disabilities and the elderly the freedom of mobility and furthermore accommodates the needs and wants of caregivers.

Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and Special Olympics

Competing in sports brings about “courage” and “inspiration.” The Olympic and Paralympic Games possess a “power” that enriches people and society through various activities that are centered on sports. Toyota shares the vision and philosophy that the Olympic and Paralympic Games strive to achieve, and entered into agreements to become an “Official Worldwide Olympic Partner” of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and an “Official Worldwide Paralympic Partner” of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in 2015. By providing various activities and sustainable mobility, Toyota hopes to help create a better world, peaceful and equal society.
In addition, Toyota entered into an agreement to become a “National Partner” with the Special Olympics Nippon Foundation (SON) in January 2016. In November 2017, Toyota entered into an agreement with Special Olympics (SO) International to become a Global Partner beginning in 2018, and has been supporting SO’s activities and national tournaments which help people with intellectual disabilities to participate in sports.


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