Collaboration with Business Partners

Fundamental Approach

In order to contribute to society through car-manufacturing and monozukuri (manufacturing) and put into practice the principle of “Customer First,” it is necessary to share principles and collaborate with our business partners such as suppliers and dealers. Toyota pursues open and fair business, and engages in CSR initiatives through close collaboration with business partners to raise quality in terms of safety and customer satisfaction.

Collaboration with Suppliers

Since its establishment, Toyota has worked closely with its suppliers in its manufacturing. As part of these efforts, Toyota has globally implemented its Basic Purchasing Policies according to the spirit of mutual benefit based on mutual trust. We have close relationships with existing and new suppliers to promote “Customer First.” To address the increasing interest in corporate social responsibility, including supply chain, we have dialogues with supplier executives. Internally, we work to raise the awareness of all our employees, including buyers, through seminars and trainings.
Toyota is also committed to continue contributing to the sustainability of society and the earth by working with suppliers to ensure compliance, respect for human rights, and reduce negative environmental impact.

Anti-Bribery Guidelines (For Business Partners)

Collaboration with Sales Networks

Dealers are the front line where Toyota’s “Customer First” policy is directly observed. Toyota and its dealers share the value of its products/services and always work as one to enhance customer satisfaction based on a strong relationship of trust through close two-way communication.