Stakeholder Engagement

Basic Concept

In the preamble of its CSR Policy, Toyota declares that it will engage in stakeholder-oriented management in order to contribute to sustainable development and strive to maintain and develop sound relationships with stakeholders through open and fair communications.
Specifically, Toyota’s relevant divisions and offices all over the world act as the main contacts to hold dialogues with major stakeholders. They communicate Toyota’s philosophy and also help deepen mutual understanding.

■ Major Initiatives

  • Toyota Stakeholders Meeting 2016 Held
  • Held IR meetings to promote dialogue with private investors, participated in IR events hosted by stock exchanges, and established “T-ROAD,” which is a dedicated website that features messages from the president and introduces Toyota’s initiatives


TOYOTA Stakeholders Meeting・T-ROADGill Pratt making a presentation at the Toyota Stakeholders Meeting 2016

TOYOTA Stakeholders Meeting・T-ROADT-ROAD

Global Vision for Those We Serve

Defining the Ideal Form of the Company for Each Stakeholder and the
Outline for the Future It Should Take in Order to Realize the Global Vision

“We aim to exceed expectations and be rewarded with a smile” and “We will meet challenging goals by engaging the talent and passion of people, who believe there is always a better way” as we set out in the Global Vision. That means, we will sincerely listen to the voices of every stakeholder, customer, employee, business partner, shareholder, and member of global society/local communities, and always exceed their expectations. The expression “Global Vision for Those We Serve” is our way of organizing and explaining the thoughts constituting the Global Vision in relation to stakeholders. It is Toyota’s resolve to meet challenging goals step by step to see the smiles and happiness of everyone including customers and beyond.