Toyota Safety Driving Program (Vietnam)


Safety driving instructor training program. The trained instructors are expected to hold driving seminars, etc. to help reducing traffic accidents in Vietnum.

TOYOTA Motor Vietnam, Co., Ltd. (TMV) implemented 'Toyota Safety Driving Skills Training Program' with Vietnamese Traffic Police (VTP). This is the first program in Vietnam to educate safe drivving instructors. In order to cultivate a core group of instructors, 8 candidates were selected from VTP officers and TMV employees, and took the training 5 times during one-and-a-half years from August 2014.

Advisors are sent from Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) to Vietnam to directly help instructor candidates improve their safe driving skills and traffic safety mindset. The graduation ceremony was held in March 2016 and TMC presented the certificate to all of them.

The trained instructors are expected to hold driving seminars and so on to help reduce traffic accidents in Vietnam in the future.

Training scene in Hanoi, VietnamTraining scene in Hanoi, Vietnam

Instructor candidates attending the training programInstructor candidates attending the training program

Graduation ceremony for instructorsGraduation ceremony for instructors

8 core instructors8 core instructors