Corolla Axio

Released date : 2012/ 5/11

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Grade 2WD・1.5 LUXEL 2WD・1.5 G 2WD・1.5 X
Model type
Curb mass(kg) 1090 1090 1090
Dimensions Length(mm) 4360 4360 4360
Width(mm) 1695 1695 1695
Height(mm) 1460 1460 1460
Wheelbase(mm) 2600 2600 2600
Engine Engine code 1NZ-FE 1NZ-FE 1NZ-FE
Engine type In-line 4-cylinder, DOHC In-line 4-cylinder, DOHC In-line 4-cylinder, DOHC
Displacement(cm3) 1496 1496 1496
Max. output kW(PS)/r.p.m. 80/109/6000 80/109/6000 80/109/6000
* The specifications are those of representative model grades.
* Max. output represents a net rating. In the above table, digits separated by slashes ( / / ) stand for kW, PS, and r.p.m., respectively.
* The model numbers of these vehicles are NZE161, NZE164, NRE160.
Released in May 2012, the 12th-generation Corolla sedan was also the second-generation model bearing the Axio subname.

The Corolla Axio was redesigned to minimize the body size while maintaining the ability to safely and comfortably transport four adults over long distances. Accordingly, a smaller Vitz-class platform was adopted to optimally satisfy the domestic market needs. The wheelbase remained unchanged from the earlier model, while the length was reduced by 50 mm to shave off the minimum turning radius, and the knee space for the rear passengers was expanded by 40 mm.

The engine lineup was downsized from 1.8/1.5 liters to 1.5/1.3 liters, while substantially improving the performance. The 1.5-liter engine was coupled with the newly developed CVT-i to boost the driving performance and fuel economy. The newly introduced 1.3-liter engine (1NR-FE) adopted the Dual VVT-i technology, optimally controlling the intake and exhaust valves to achieve a fuel economy of 20.6 km/l under the JC08 test cycle.

As the Corolla Axio was reduced in size and 1.3-liter models were added, the Belta line was discontinued to cede the position as Toyota's smallest 4-door sedan for the Japanese market.

The Corolla Axio was assembled at the Miyagi Plant of Central Motor Co., Ltd., which was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011 but managed to resume operations before the end of the year. On July 1, 2012, Central Motor merged with Toyota Motor Tohoku Corporation and Kanto Auto Works Ltd. to become Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc.
Plant Miyagi plant(Central Motor Co., Ltd) (now Miyagi plant(Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc.))
A "corolla" is the ring of petals around the central part of a flower. "Axio" comes from the Greek word "axia" ("value" or "quality").

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