Section 4. New Business Enterprises

Item 5. Initiatives in Biotechnology & Afforestation Businesses

In 1996, in response to TMC President Hiroshi Okuda's directive of "Be prepared for the population, food, and environmental problems of the 21st century", TMC determined that it was important to take initiatives toward achieving a low-carbon society and resource recycling, and therefore set out to establish businesses in the agriculture and biotechnology fields.

First, to establish a solid R&D structure, TMC actively recruited people from both inside and outside the company, and intent on early business startup, built a network with dedicated research organizations inside and outside Japan. In May 1999, TMC solidified its organization by constructing the Toyota Biotechnology and Afforestation Laboratory in Miyoshi City, Aichi Prefecture, and established the Biotechnology & Afforestation Business Division in January 2001.

Since then, TMC has been engaged in business activities and local and social contribution activities centered on R&D and verification. In January 2010, TMC reinforced business development around the two core areas of greenification and biomass utilization under the concept of the “Toyota Green Way”, which states that “The road that Toyota drives is a ‘Green Way’. Making ‘Green Way’ a path to the future.” The results of TMC's activities in afforestation and greenification are being widely publicized.1

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